Welcome to the Volunteering Page of The Watford & District Talking Newspaper

Volunteering is rewarding, fun and looks good on a CV. It is a chance to meet others socially and make new friends.

You can work on your own from home or be part of a team. We can find a role to suit you and your abilities, and maybe help you to learn a new skill. None of the tasks that need doing are difficult.

We especially welcome the help of young people!

We need volunteers to help with:-

Reading the news

We have 9 reading teams in the Watford area who read for us on a Thursday evening four or five times a year on a rota basis. They meet at a team leader's home. You don't have to attend every recording the team might be involved with, but you do have to be able to read clearly and accurately. These sessions can take up to two hours.

Sound recording

This takes a few hours on a Thursday evening. One volunteer travels to the home of the reading team leader to record the reading of the news. This is normally finished by 9pm. A second volunteer records the magazine section at our base in central Watford. Their contribution finishes later.

Editing and collating the recordings

This takes most of a Thursday evening in central Watford. Although it sounds technical, if you use a computer and can cut and paste, you have all the skills necessary. We use free software called Audacity, so you can get familiar with it at home, but you will be given all necessary training until you are confident.

Finding and reading items for the magazine section

We always need interesting items, either written by you or borrowed from various sources. You can send them to us by email for our readers to record, or if you read clearly and accurately, come and record them yourself at our base on a Thursday evening.

Presenting the magazine section

This entails writing your own script for the links between the items, and then being recorded reading them.

Preparing scripts for the reading teams on a Thursday afternoon

Involves getting the news ready for recording by selecting items from the newspaper simple, but essential!

IT and Website

You may be called on occasionally as the need arises. Familiarity with specialist software for the visually impaired would be useful, but not essential.

Street Collecting

This is our main source of income so once or twice a year for only an hour or so we need your help holding a collection box, thanking people for contributing, and raising awareness of the TN to attract potential listeners.

If you would like to know more about any of these opportunities, please contact us.